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maybe it’s too late now, but if you need to talk to someone, I’m here :)

Thanks I really really appreciate this and I know your askbox is always open :) At the moment I just don’t have anything to say but if I later need someone I will write to you. I love you for always being there <3

I did it. It’s over. I’m sad but I feel good. I’m just crying because I still care about him and I just didn’t want to see how I hurted him. I never wanted to do this but first time in my life I broke someones heart.. At least I feel fine.

I have only 30min left to do my decicion. It was so clear earlier today but now after talking with him and seeing how he don’t have any idea what’s going on in my head I’m starting to hesitate again. I just don’t know.

Maybe I do it. I have to do it. There is no other options after what has happened lately. And if we were ment to be together and he was the one for me maybe he’ll be back when it’s better time…

Shit my head is just a big mess right now

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What is atk? :D and poor you, hugs :*

Haha I though that atk would be proper in English too but it means computer stuff :D and thanks :)

noooo why I don’t have power point in my computer so I have to go to our schools atk-building (lol sounds weird).. I’m still feeling dizzy and shaking and the sunlight is killing me after and I don’t want to leave my comfy bed but I have to do my atk exercise before Janne comes.

And I’m also so afraid to see Janne. I have been thinking so much and I almost already made the decicion to tell him that it’s all over. I’m not 100% sure and it’s bothering me but reasons why I should still date him are mostly really really selfish. I don’t want to hurt him but I feel like this is the end. Though I still don’t quite know what happened to me so I started to feel like this.

Apr 5

Awwwwyeah I’m the captain of our team in top secret thing at our school :D

Okay actually I don’t like this responsibility and the fact that I’ll be the one who has to organize everything but at least there is super amazing guys (almost all my friends!) in our team so it’ll be great! And I’m so proud that I am the captain - that means that my application was the best and I have learned to know the person who decided this team :)) yaaay!

only bad thing is that I have even less time to study or see Janne

Apr 4
Apr 3

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Apr 3

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thanks honey ♥

Apr 3
Apr 3

Heräsin, mä vielä olemassa olen
Sydän lyö, se takoi hajalle mun unen
Jokin ei nyt ole niinkuin oli eilen
Peite päälläni on niinkuin painajainen
Silmät kii mä vielä vähän tässä makaan
Nukahtaa en uudestaan voi todellakaan
Hetki vielä menee ennen kuin se tulee
Eilisen paino, Se pimeän paino

- Laura Närhi - Tämä on totta